Ralph DVD is out! GOOOO get it!

Unfortunately, Ralph did not win the Oscar. Damn close race! I am really happy for our Pixar brethren. Brave was a beautiful film with some amazing animation. But! On the flip side... Paperman won the Oscar!!! Boom! I am so proud of all my friends who put their blood, sweat and tears into that bad boy. I am honored to have gotten to at least touch a tiny tiny portion of the film. It was nuts to see John giving his speech. He did a damn good job. Also, big props to Patrick Osborne for all of his hard work for Paperman. Well deserved guys!



Did I mention?

I got another promotion! Wooo! I can't talk too much about it right now, but I will be the Co-Head of Animation with Patrick Osborne (Animation Supervisor of Oscar nominated "Paperman") of Disney's 2014 animated release. I am so excited. It is going to be an amazing project with an amazing team. I can't wait to share more about it with the world.

Adios again!




Where did 2012 go!?!?

Hello! Long time no see eh? So much has happened in the last 2 years. I will do my best to getcha up to date!

Well, after the release and success of Tangled, the artists at Disney worked on a Prep and Landing short for ABC. Then, we completed a full Christmas special for winter 2012. It was called Naughty vs. Nice and it was a really fun, fairly relaxing project to work on. Then the big shows dropped. We started production on Wreck-it Ralph, and someone thought it a good idea to give this young punk a promotion. I was completely honored. I applied and was chosen as a Supervising Animator under the leadership of Renato dos Anjos. It was an incredible challenge and I learned so much. I got to be the temporary lead on Vanellope during her modeling and rigging process, and then handed her over to the amazing, talented Tony Smeed for production. Then, I got the super fun task of being the character lead on King Candy. He is the hilariously wacky ruler of Sugar Rush, voiced by the talented Alan Tudyk. It was really fun to get to flex my cartoony muscles with his antics. I got to work directly with the modelers and riggers to really push the old school 2D-ness of his design.Here is the main publicity pose I did for him.


I also got to supervise about 7 sequences of the film, including the race, Bad Anon, King Candy's thrown room, and many others. On top of all of that, I still managed to slide in some time to animate a few shots. It is considerably less than my work on Tangled, but I am still very proud of it. I will be posting it on here as soon as the DVD releases.... which is very soon! March 5th!! Did I mention we are nominated for an Oscar? Boom!! Keep your fingers crossed!

One last pat on my own back.. I swear I will stop soon. i was also lucky enough to get the front page of the Fort Wayne paper over the 2012 holiday. That was a pretty trippy experience too! Check er out aqui.

Until I can get my Ralph Reel on the site, here are the credits the animation department had the honor of creating for Ralph. We did this with a crew of about 12, and did almost all of the work. Other departments were still racing for the finish line on the film, so the anim department stepped up and said "We will make the credits, and we will blow you away!" Clay Kaytis and Malcon Pierce boarded and did the editing of the boards, and then Nathan Englehardt and I did a wicked guerilla layout and then dolled out the "shot." I think we did a hell of a good job! I did the layout for the second half, and then I animated the Sonic the Hedgehog card:




That is all I will bore you with for now. I will hopefully have an animation reel of my Ralph work soon.





First post of 2011... a little late.

Tangled DVD/Blu-ray is out! GO BUY IT!! It was a tremendous honor to work on such an amazing movie with such a talented group of guys and gals. I got to work with an idol, Glen Keane, meet some of the cast, and live out a childhood dream of being an animator at Walt DIsney Feature Animation... and then they kept me! Work has been good.

So. Now that the DVD is officially out; here is my reel from Tangled in all its glory. I hope you enjoy it!





Tangled all over the place!

Heyo! Just wanted to post a few of the trailers and first looks for Tangled, my first gig at Disney. It looks amazing and I can promise there is much much much more where this came from!

So first up is the US version of the trailer:

And next the UK trailer:

And finally a preview with the directors and some of the cast of Tangled:

I hope you liked it all! A LOT of people worked tremendously hard to create it all, including yours truly. My shots include:

- "Yep, I'm used to it. Guys I want a castle."
- Mother Gothel running toward the tower
- All shots of Flynn in handcuffs with guards
- "Garcon, your finest table please!"
- "That's a lot of hair"
- All shots of Flynn fighting with the frying pan including "Woah! Mama! I have got to get me one of these!"
- Flynn surfing down the water trough
- Rapunzel swinging down on her hair and sliding across the water
- "Great! Now I'm the bad guy!"

That is all so far. I was fortunate enough to get to do a lot of really great shots on the show. I will have a full comprehensive reel from Tangled somewhere around the new year. Please go see the movie! Help it break the box office records this Thanksgiving! Adios!



Small Update

Chello! Just a little update this time. New resume with updated work experience. I have been at Walt Disney Animation Studios for the last 4-5 months and it has been friggin awesome! Disney is where it all started for me. So, to be working at the studio that basically shaped my childhood, alongside the men and women who created those movies, is pretty unbelievable. I am working on a movie called "Tangled." It comes out this fall around Thanksgiving. It has the amazingly talented voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi (smart name), Donna Murphy, Ron Perlman and many others. Trailers should be coming soon. It is going to knock your socks off. I garuntee it! I wish I could say more, but you will just have to wait and see. Socks. Off.




Whats This!?

A new skin for the ZAPmyshorts website.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Cloudy with a Chance of FINALLY! I finally got my Cloudy stuff together and put my compilation reel on the animation page. I also have a new demo reel featuring a few of my shots. Alice is wrapping up soon and everything looks great! I am excited for whatever the future may bring. I have no idea what I am moving onto next, but I'll keep ya posted! Check it!





Cloudy is done! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs opens in theaters September 18th, so clear your schedule! I am soo pumped for everyone to see it. Everyone's hard work has really paid off and I think it is a movie we can all be proud of. I still laugh everytime I see shots from it, which is a true testament to Chris and Phil's writing/directing... and... our amazing animation *ahem*... Onward to the next show! I have been working on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland for that last month or so now, and its looking like its going to be quite the epic movie. It's definitely going to be visually stunning! Disney has just recently released these images, so I can go ahead and post them..... NOW!

alice hatter queen

tweedles wqueen

More to come soon! Adios!!





Almost a whole year since I have updated. I doubt many people check in here any more, but here is an update nonetheless. The Hulk DVD has finally come out, so I could finally grab my shots from the film. The movie was a lot of fun to work on, but was a beast of a show. A lot of long hours went into this one, so I hope it shows. Dang, a lot has happened since my last post... I finished work on Mummy, Cirque du Freak and They Came from Upstairs. I will probably throw up the few shots on Mummy that I did in a few weeks or so... whenever I get the time. Cirque and Upstairs are both on hold right now and will probably come out sometime next year which means I won't have my shots from those films for 2 years or so... if ever. Not a big loss. I did not have very many shots on either film and all of my work on Upstairs will probably change when the ball starts rolling again. Both look like fun movies and I am very interested to see em when they come out. Now I am working at Sony Picture Imageworks. That's right. I finally made it over here! AND I am working on the movie I posted on here about a year and half ago. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!! I am working on it and it is friggin sweet! The movie looks to be halarious and the style is so much fun to animate in. For fear of getting fired I won't say any more, but here is the one image that Sony has released for the film.. I am sure a trailer will be coming sooner or later... That is all for now. Check out my new reel here.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs



Woohoo for weekends...

Alright so I have weekends back at my disposal so I am doing another quick update. I added my AM stuff to the list of animations at the bottom of the animation page and also threw in some of the pieces that are on my reel but I never put em up by themselves. I dont really like my AM dialogue piece, but I learned a lot from doing it, so I figured its worth putting up for progression's sake. I think that is it for now. Thanks for stopping by!




Over four months!?

Geez! I cant believe how busy I have been that I haven't update this sucker in over 4 months. So since december I have finished work on The Incredible Hulk, which is looking crazy cool if I do say so myself. There are some amazing talents working on that show and they have done some amazing work and I am really excited to see it when it comes out and I think I could make this run on sentence a bit longer but I think Ill stop now. Anyways, I am now working on The Mummy 3 for a few weeks until my brothers wedding in May, and then Ill get some time off and will be returning to R&H for a show called Cirque Du Freake which is a really cool teenage vampire-ish movie? I dont know the whole story, but from what I have seen and heard, its gunna be pretty sweet! So updates! Ive finally got a new reel! Woo!! Alvin and the Chipmunks is out on DVD (go buy it) so I now have Alvin on my reel along with some AM stuff. I am not posting my recent AM stuff cause I am a little embarrassed by it. It didnt get the time and love it needed and I dont think its working yet. Hopefully Ill have time to hit it later on. Alright, I guess that is it for now. Go check out whats what and let me know what you think! Oh! I completely forgot! So since my last post I won an online animation contest. It's Crackle.com's Wet Paint competition. I won some big bucks and a chance to meet with Sony and pitch a short film idea to an exec over there. I am so crazy excited and nervous. Its awesome! Hopefully they dig some of my ideas and actually put on into production. Itd be like a dream man! Anyways, awesome. Adios! Alliteration.




Been a long time since I rock and rolled...

Heyo! Dang, I cant believe its been 3 months since I have updated anything!  There really isn't too much new on the site this time around. I just changed the progress reel on the animation page to show my class 2 progress reel instead of my class 1 progress reel. I am just about finished with class 3 now and will be going into class 4 in a month or so. Work is going well. Alvin comes out this friday! I got to go to the crew screening at Fox today and I was pleasantly surprised by how good the movie ended up being. I have to admit I went in with low expectations but found myself laughing on quite a few occasions. So definitely go see it! It was really sad to see how fast your shots go by on the screen. In just a couple seconds, a month of your life is pff gone! But it was fun. I am still at R&H, working on their next project ( I dont know if I can say what it is cause they are locking down pretty hard... but it deals with a very large, green, heavy guy) that is set to release the middle of June 08. It is really fun and the stuff on the show is looking pretty sick! I am not sure what is going to happen after this show. R&H has been awarded quite a few shows, so hopefully they will keep me on. But I still really want to go work on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs over at Sony. That book is amazing, it'd be a real honor to get to work on the movie. Anyways, enough update crap. Ill probably have a new reel up within the next few months that will have my Alvin stuff and my AM stuff on it. So thats exciting. Does anyone actually read this crap? If you do... thanks for humoring me! haha adios!




Very Sleepy...

Heyo! So work at R&H is crazy right now. 10 hour days, 6 days a week. Apparently, its the largest number of shots in the smallest amount of time R&H has ever produced... so that explains why I am about ready to fall asleep on my keyboard... that and the fact that I am still doing my animation mentor homework on top of it all. So only update this time is a new demo reel. It really isnt that new or fantastic. I put it together last night at like 3am for Disney. They are hiring for "Bolt" right now, and I am looking for my next gig. I am a little afraid it will run over production on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... a film I have wanted to work on since I heard Sony had the rights to it like 2 years ago. Anyways, there it is. Check it out.. hire me... please? Adios!



Home for tiny bit

Hello! So alot has happened in the last month! I graduated, fell down the stairs and put my arm through a window on accident, got stitches for the first time in like 18 years, flew to LA the next day, started work at R&H the next day, and got to animate with the Alvin rig on the upcoming feature Alvin and the Chipmunks. I dont know how much I can say about Alvin without getting in trouble, so I am not going to say much. R&H is wicked fun to work at. The people there are crazy cool, and the work they are producing right now is top of the line stuff! So after 4 weeks of getting to play with their software and their rigs and having a great time and getting paid for it... they asked me to come back and animate on the actual feature and they would pay me more! Insane! I am gunna get paid to animate on a feature film. Crazy right? Everything would be perfect if LA was a bit more affordable in the housing department! Its gunna be a struggle to pay bills and loans. Anyways, I also finished my first semester of Animation Mentor, the best animation school in the world! My class 1 progress reel is on my animation page just under my demo reel (which wont be updated for a few months). Please go check it out! It was so much fun to do, I cant wait for class 2 where I will learn even more and then learn at work! I am gunna pop with all the info, but love every second of it. Ok this is too long now so peace out!



Nothing new to look at

Heyo! So I don't have anything new to post, although I will have my animation mentor reel soon since we are in week 9 of 12 right now. Animation Mentor is amazing. I am learning so much its incredible, and I also think it is a large reason I have been offered an apprenticeship position at Rhythm & Hues. That's right! Good ol' Midwestern boy is making the big move to LA. The apprenticeship position is only 4 weeks. 2 weeks of learning software and 2 weeks of mock production. Hopefully after those four weeks I will have proved myself and they will offer me a job and I will be a junior character animator on Alvin and the Chipmunks.I am ridiculously nervous but incredibly excited. So that's it for now, just an informational update! Wish me luck!!




Kalamazoo Animation Festival International

We won! Woo!! So over the last week 3 other SCAD students, Jeff Gill, Will Patrick, and Will White, and I went to Kalamazoo to compete in the cartoon challenge at KAFI. It was a freaking sweet time! They provided housing and food, and all we had to do was animate... does life get any better!? The topic was Global Warming, so we were given 3 days to create a 30 second PSA on that topic. We had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and an even better time making our little thing, despite the 2 or 3 hours of sleep we got a night. Anyways, check it out! First place baby!

What can I do?



Slight update

Heyo! Tiny update... new version of my demo reel. And I revamped a few things in the layout of the site! Adios!



Two updates in a week! What's happening!?

That's right! Two updates in a week and a day! So I revamped the look of the site a little bit, just for giggles, and put my newest reel up with a link on the animation page and on the main page so its there at all times. Now its the hunt for a job... wish me luck!



Been a good while

Its done!! My second short film is finally finished. This one was a lot longer coming than Bananas, but it was a little more extensive. I started modeling over the summer and animating in the fall and we finished lighting and compositing and sound just in time for SIGGRAPH, so hopefully I can make it in two years in a row! Now its spring break and I have a lot to do to get ready for the job hunt... so check out the film and give me a job huh?



Rest in Peace Waneta Rupert/Greeley

God looked around His garden

And found an empty place.

He then looked down upon the earth

And saw your tired face.

He put his arms around you

And lifted you to rest.

God’s garden must be beautiful

He always takes the best.

It broke our hearts to lose you

But you didn’t go alone,

For part of us went with you

The day God called you home.

A few updates on the animation page. That's it this time.



Wow what a trip!

So some crazy stuff has gone down since my last post! I have had the opportunity to work a little bit more on my senior project stuff... AND.... "Bananas" won first place in the SIGGRAPH Education Committee SPACE - time animation competition!!!! First place! I was pretty thrilled. SCAD paid for me to fly to Boston and I got a free pass into SIGGRAPH! It was amazing! One Rat Short by Charlex.... check it out, best in show! I  have also posted a few more animations that I did to test out my Gusty and Wendy rigs, and then a bird I threw together for fun... Oh and a new demo reel! That's about it for now... lots of posts to come I am sure!



Its been a while...

Alright so no real update this time. I have been working hard on Cereal Killers, and the animation is finally done. I will be posting the movie in playblast form here in a couple days, as soon as it is edited. The piece as a whole looks decent. Some of the animation needs a lot of work, but it was an eclectic group working on it with a variety of experience levels. I have also been working on the pre-production for my senior thesis. I've made a website for it. Definitely check it out, and keep an eye out for updates with pictures of models, and rigs, and backgrounds, as I will be taking my Senior Project I class next quarter. Anyways, the film will be called "Carried Away." So check out the pre-production here. Adios!



A little addition

Alright! I fixed up the ending to "Bananas." After hearing a few opinions, the general consensus was that the ending was too slow. Also, I decided to add a little extra twist to close it out. I updates my reel. It now includes some of the shots from "Bananas."

Here is the big news though! I have been modeling characters and environments for the coolest story! It is a short story called "Cereal Killers." My modeling job is now done, and now its time to do some animating which I am so pumped for! This thing is gunna be rockin! Here are a few test animations Nathan (The director) had me do.  --- Walk and Talk --- I can't wait to get some real shots and really see what I can do! Anyways check it out and Ill update with some Cereal Killers stuff later. Adios




Been a Long Time! 

It's done!! My animated short "Bananas" is finished. The assignment was to model a character, rig that character and animate that character in a 30 second to 1 minute animation. And in traditional Zach style, I did a 2 minute animation. My buddy Jake did the sound, so turn up your speakers. Check it out! It is also on the animation page. adios



A new demo reel is available on the animation page! It is not too entirely different, but it has my new stuff in it. Check it out and let me know how you like it! And don't forget about the stills page, the stills are gone from my reel, but you can still check 'em out at pretty high resolution on the stills page. Adios!


Holy Updates Batman!

Man, it has been a while eh? Well since my last update I finished my final in my visual effects class. It was a solo project, and I think mine turned out alright, some shotty visual effects, but it gets the job done! The project was called Circles, so check it out, and don't forget about "Organized." Both movies can now be found in the stills page of this site. Also, I was off for winter break from school. I tried to get as much animator-ing done as I could without driving myself nuts, after all it was a break. But, I am a workaholic so I got a few things done and learned a few things here and there. So check out the animation page for the updates there... there should be a new demo reel eventually but not right now... and finally I am back at school now where I am taking "principles of 3d character animation" aka the coolest class ever. I have just started work on the character for a short I want to create in this class called "Bananas." Here is a shot of the main character "Bruce." I guess that's all for now. I will keep posting my progress on "Bananas." I'm hoping to blow this one out of the water! adios


Happy Halloween!!

So amidst my Robin shanagans I sorta, kinda finished the room for the new short I am going to animate. It will be a full 3-d story around the 2-d animation on my animation page.  I rendered out a few angles of the room. I think it will look pretty nice. The kid is modeled and rigged, and the room is done. Now, I just have to model and texture the hallway, the stairwell, and the backyard. Then I can finally start animating! Eh it's a work in progress! Well here ya go! Test Render1 and Test Render2 adios


Some Live Action Action!

It's been a while since an update, so I thought I would let ya'll know what I have been up to. Classes have been kind of hectic, especially with my Visual Effects Based Cinematography class. Check out my last project in it. It turned out pretty decent... it should have at least me and my partners spent an entire freaking weekend of late nights on it! The criteria was to make a 2 minutes edited piece.... Organized... It's 11 meg so it might take a second depending on your connection. adios


Finally a Demo Reel!

Well here it is... my demo reel. Enjoy! It is still a work in progress so check back later! adios


Another update!

Nothing special this time, I'm sorry. Just a rough copy of a resume and my instant messaging name (I need to figure out how to make a link for it)... That's it this time, my demo reel will be up very soon, so check back! adios


"Its Finally Ready!!"

Welcome to the new site! Thanks to a few good friends, this site is up and running and ready to be explored! This site was created to allow others a view of the work and talents that I have. Enjoy your time here and feel free to contact me. My email address is in the About Me section. That's it for now... keep an eye out for updates sooner or later! Adios suckers!